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We provide a complete range of intellectual property services and provide business support in relation to all intellectual property matters. From compiling and filing a patent, trade mark or registered design to negotiating licensing terms. Our goal is to ensure our clients fully benefit from their creative talents. 


Our commercial background, methodologies, hands-on collaborative approach and network of experts in a multitude of disciplines, means we offer what no one else offers and can see what others don’t see. We are experts in quickly identifying important issues and offering strategic and pragmatic advice that makes a tangible impact.


Our relationships with other businesses and professionals across the world means we are a complete intellectual property partner. A partner with the resources to adapt to clients needs and requirements.  


We are more than just a facilitator of IP services, we are a professional management team committed to making sure our clients are fully equipped to unlock the full potential of their IP. 

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Bloom went that extra mile in ensuring my project was fully protected. Their advise was invaluable". 

Commerciality is at the heart of what we do...

Our experience in advising and directing our clients of varying size beyond IP is what really sets us apart. 


We are more than just an expert facilitator of IP services, we are a professional management team committed to making sure our clients unlock the full potential of their creative talents and thrive beyond the IP process. 


Our specialist team have a strong understanding of the realities designers and inventors face. Whether its help with negotiating licensing terms, assessing IP value, providing commercial advice or obtaining IP insurance, we help our clients make a distinctive, lasting, and substantial impression.


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We are designer and private inventor specialists...

We recognise that many designers and inventors are looking for more than just IP services, advice and support, they are looking for guidance on how to best proceed forward. 


Starting with a multi-point validity assessment, our dedicated designer and inventor team provides all important insights and considered honest advice needed to move forward. 


We want our clients to feel confident they have a business partner they can rely on. That's why we approach every project as if it were our own. This means when our clients need help, assistance and support, they get it.


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About us

We help our clients succeed by challenging conventional thinking and delivering a highly considered, innovative and customised service at a price that is fair and reasonable... 

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We put our client’s interest ahead of our own and deliver more value than expected. We aim for 100% satisfaction all the time, everytime...



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The combination of IP expertise and commercial background, means we offer what no one else offers and can see what others don’t see... 



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