The expression of ones creative works - drawings, photographs, written works, music and films need protecting. Our team of IP experts, wealth of experience and commercial background can advise on the benefits of a Copyright and implement a strategy that secures the legal rights of your expressions.



protects the making of creative works whilst recognising the need for use of those works. In the UK the works covered by copyright are literary (e.g. song lyrics and computer programs); dramatic (e.g. dance and mime); musical (e.g. music composition); and artistic (e.g. painting and sculpture) works. Broadcasts, sound recordings (e.g. the recording on the CD or MP3), films and typographical arrangements of published editions (e.g. the layout of a book).


Copyright gives the creator/author exclusive rights over certain uses of those works. For example, the author of a work has the exclusive right to allow or prevent the performance of their work in public.


If you have created a work that qualifies for copyright protection, you will have copyright protection once you meet the criteria for protection. You do not have to fill out any forms or pay any money to receive protection. In fact, it is a requirement of various international conventions on copyright that copyright should be automatic.

What we can do for you...


  • We can examine your works for copyright suitability.

  • Provide an honest appraisal on your works.

  • Advise on copyright and how it works.

  • Make suggestions that will improve the robustness of your intellectual property.

  • Provide a number of options to consider. ​


  • Advise and draft copyright documentation.

  • Register copyright in applicable countries.

  • Advise on copyright ownership and possible infringements.

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