Domain Names...

Just like a brand, a domain name forms part of your identity and increases the asset value of your business. It therefore needs protecting. Our IP team, our wealth of experience and commercial background can advise on how best to protect your brand assets and identity. 

A domain name...


is a human-readable web address (e.g. "") that points to an IP address. They are an identification tag that creates a unique identity that people, businesses and organisations use to help users, consumers etc to find and access their websites in a convenient way. Just like a brand, they form part of your identity.


Registering a domain name sadly does not confer any legal ownership of the domain name, but it does provide an exclusive right of use for a particular duration of time based on the extension. (e.g. .com, .UK) in which they are registered).


The ease of registration and allocation on a first-come, first-served basis, make it easier for disputes to arise, in particular Cybersquatting.

What we can do for you...


  • We can provide an honest appraisal on your name / brand.

  • Undertake a search prior to proceeding with the registration process.

  • Make suggestions that will improve the global uniqueness of your domain name.

  • Formulate a strategy that will reduce the likelihood of a similar domain name being registered.

  • Prepare and file your Domain name.

  • Maintain and register renewals.

  • Assist with the transfer of your Domain name to a third party.

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project was fully protected. Their advise was invaluable".

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