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Applying for a Registered design

Applying for a registered design is a process of completing the IPOs official form and providing a single set of good quality representations of the design.

The representations of the design should​

Either be line drawings or photographs.

Should show only the design to be registered.

Photographs should not show any background detail.

Show the design as it actually looks to the eye.

Be placed on plain A4 paper.

Not include any technical details such as dimensions.

Show all relevant views, e.g. front, back, both sides, top and bottom.

Not include any text except for view designations or disclaimers.

Once the UK IPO receives the application they will respond by issuing an application number and the ‘filing date’ of the application.

An examiner checks the application to ensure it meets the legal requirements for design registration. This normally is done within one month of receiving the application. The design is then placed in the correct section of the IPOs database by classifying it according to the Locarno classification system.


If the application is successful the IPO will

Send a certificate of registration.

Register the design in the United Kingdom Designs Register.

List the Registered Design on their on-line database.

Publish the registration details on their Electronic Designs Journal.


If the IPO objects to the application

The IPO will send a letter explaining the results of the examination and allows at least 2 months to either : try to persuade the examiner that the objections are not justified or overcome them in some other way.

If the objections are relatively straightforward, the Examiner will include ways of overcoming our objections within the examination report.

Putting forward the reasons why the IPO should accept the design is done in writing or by telephoning the examiner.

You can also apply in writing to have a formal hearing with a Hearing Officer who is a senior official in the Designs Registry.

If the objections cannot be overcome the application can either be withdraw or the IPO will respond by refusing the application.

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