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BloomIP Patent Agent Leeds. Apply for a Registered Design.
BloomIP Patent Attorney Leeds. Apply for a Registered Design.
Trademarks. Patents are not always the best or most  appropriate option. Our team of IP experts, wealth of experience, commercial background and overseas partners can advise on the benefits of design registration and obtain the protection to secure legal rights on your design.

The design of a product often makes the difference between success and failure. It’s what consumers / buyers first see before determining whether they what it or not. Unlike patent protection that is focused on functionality, Design Right, protects distinctiveness features of a product or article, whether functionality exists or not. A good example of Design Right is Coca Cola’s hourglass bottle. 


Design right is an important tool to gain a monopoly right in a design / appearance fundamental to the identity of a product and business.

A registered design makes it illegal for anyone except the owner or someone with the owner’s permission to use the same or similar design features in other products.


Just like Patents and Trade Marks, Design Right is an intangible asset that can be sold, licensed and rented, and provide investors and potential licensees confidence that their collaboration with the owner is underpinned by a monopoly right.

BloomIP Patent Attorney Leeds. Help with the Trademark process.

Provide an honest appraisal and examine your design for design registration suitability.

Advise on the design registration process and how it works.

Undertake a search prior to proceeding with the registration process.

Make suggestions that will improve the chances of your design obtaining design registration. 

Compile and file your design application and pursue it through to approval.

Deal with any IPO objections and maintain and file renewals.

Advise on the best protection strategy for your design.

Assist with the transfer of your rights to a third party.



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