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We know what it takes to build a brand. Our team of IP experts, wealth of experience and commercial background can advise on the benefits of a Trade Mark and obtain the protection to secure your name and brand mark.

Trade Marks are vital when building a brand and provides the owner the exclusive use of the mark in respect of the goods or services they provide. They serve as a mark of identification and if used correctly a means of communicating a symbol that positions a product and service within a particular segment in the market, a symbol that customers can easily recognise and connect with its values. 


Just like a patent, a Trade Mark makes it illegal for anyone except the owner or someone with the owners permission to use the same or similar mark. They are a intangible asset that can be sold, licensed and rented. Importantly they provide investors and potential licensees with confidence to collaborate with the owner of the mark, knowing their investment will be underpinned by a legal right.



  • Examine your mark for suitability.

  • Provide an honest appraisal on your mark.

  • Advise on Trade Mark and how it works.

  • Undertake a search prior to proceeding with the registration process.

  • Make suggestions that will improve the commerciality of your mark.  

  • Provide alternative options to consider.

  • Compile and file your Trade Mark application and pursue it through to approval.

  • Deal with any objections the IPO raises.

  • Maintain and file renewals.

  • Advise on the best protection strategy for the mark.

  • Assist with the transfer of your rights to a third party.


Our team are professionals in a variety of technical sectors and industry disciplines and experts in all aspects of intellectual property. From compiling and filing a UK or international patent  to negotiating licensing terms, we have the whole spectrum covered. 


In addition, we have a strong commercial background in product development, branding, packaging and production, which allows us to champion innovative methodologies and take a hands-on collaborative approach.


This combination of IP expertise and commercial background, means we offer what no one else offers, can see what others don’t see, can quickly identify important issues and importantly can offer strategic and pragmatic advice that makes a tangible impact.

"Bloom went that extra mile in ensuring my 
project was fully protected. Their advise was invaluable".


Our hands-on collaborative approach means our clients have a business partner they can rely on to help them move forward. We know the partnership is working by the feedback we receive.

H.H from Leeds said "I would like to say a big thanks for the advice you provided. It was a real eye opener to learn how things really work”.

J.M from Manchester said "the service you provided was very impressive and highly professional. I wish there were more companies like yours in the UK”

and L.N from Hull said "At last a company that is not just after your money. Real honest advice delivered directly. Well done !".

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Our goal is to help our clients succeed by challenging conventional thinking and delivering a highly considered, innovative and customised service at a price that is fair and reasonable. 

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The combination of IP expertise and commercial background, means we offer what no one else offers and can see what others don’t see. 

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