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BloomIP Patent Attorney Leeds. Free Advice


How you manage and benefit from your IP...  is important to us.

Effectively managing, enforcing your legal rights and commercialising your intellectual property is a team effort, that requires a special set of skills from a variety of industry disciplines. It is very easy to slip-up if you do not know what you are doing.

We take client management seriously and are dedicated in ensuring our clients feel confident of the resource and support available to achieve their objectives.


We go that extra mile to ensure our clients have the very best support when moving forward. That's why we have teamed up with the UK's best designers, prototype builders and marketing agencies to provide the necessary tools and support.  


For example… when it comes to licensing, our team of external IP lawyers can negotiate the very best financial arrangements and ensure the terms of the licensing agreement are correct and in your best interests. Or in the event someone infringing your rights, can act quickly to ensure what is rightfully yours remains yours.

BloomIP. Patent Attorney Yorkshire. Free consultation.
BloomIP Invention Product Design

Product development and industrial design 

Brand identity

Packaging design

Prototypes and samples

Manufacturing and production data

Financial analysis, planning and auditing

IP licensing and assignment

Project / post deal management

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