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BloomIP. Low cost patent insurance.
BloomIP. Patent Insurance.

The cost of prosecuting or defending IP rights through the courts is for most prohibitive (in excess of £350,000) and very few have the available cash-flow to pursue or defend the matter through the courts. This unfortunately means that those with the cash have the ‘upper hand’ and those without can be left defenceless.

Intellectual Property Insurance protects the owner of an intellectual property right and pays costs to take action or defend infringement claims up to the policy limits. Intellectual Property Insurance cover is central to most intellectual property management strategies and is available to private inventors / small start-ups, SME clients with a varied IP portfolio and large corporations with a large number of IP assets.  

Upholding your legal rights is for most prohibitive and very few have the available funds to pursue or defend the matter through the courts. Our panel  of insurance providers can provide the most appropriate insurance policy that pays the costs to  take action or defend an infringement claim.
BloomIP Patent Attorney Leeds. Patent Insurance.

Undertake a risk assessment to highlight potential risks, threats and opportunities.

Make suggestions that will improve your IP position and mitigate future risks and threats.

Advise on the best IP cover, matching your criteria with the policies on offer.

Through our panel of insurers, we can insure your IP according to your budget and requirements. 

Provide support in the event of a dispute.

Give evidence and provide documentation for legal action cases.



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