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We provide a complete range of intellectual property services, support and assistance in relation to all intellectual property matters - patents, trade marks, designs and industrial copyright.


Our expertise combined with our commercial background, innovative methodologies and hands-on collaborative approach, means we offer what no one else offers and can see what others don’t see.

> Patents


Whether you want patent protection in the UK or wider field, our team of IP experts, experience, commercial background and overseas partners can advise on the benefits of a patent and obtain the protection to secure your legal rights. 

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> Trade Marks


We know what it takes to build a brand. We can advise on the benefits of a Trade Mark and obtain the protection to secure your name and brand mark.

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> Registered Designs


Patents are not always the best or most appropriate option. We can advise on the benefits of design registration and obtain the protection to secure legal rights on your design. 

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> Utility Models


Utility model law differs between country to country. We can advise on the benefits of utility model registration and obtain the protection to secure the legal rights in your design.

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> Copyright


The expression of ones creative works - drawings, photographs, written works, music and films need protecting. We can advise on the benefits of a Copyright and implement a strategy that secures the legal rights of your expressions.

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> Domain Names


Just like a brand, a domain name forms part of your identity and increases the asset value of your business. It therefore needs protecting. Our IP team, our wealth of experience and commercial background can advise on how best to protect your brand assets and identity.

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> IP Valuations


Knowing the value of the IP asset (Patent, Trade Mark) plays a key role in making strategic decisions and facilitates the commercialisation of the IP right e.g. raising funds, joint ventures, mergers acquisitions and licensing.

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> Consultancy


Our wealth of experience combined with a commercial background provides all the knowledge you need to make the right strategic decisions.

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> IP Insurance


Very few have the available cash-flow to pursue or defend an infringement through the courts. Our panel of insurance providers can accurately assess the risks and threats and provide the most appropriate insurance policy that pays costs to take action or defend an infringement claim. 

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IP Insurance
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